New Manager, New office

Author: Mathias Van der Brempt
Date: April 14th, 2016

Meet Lily, our new Project Manager. Hailing from Queens, NY, she is an intelligent and sporty person, and being a professional ballet dancer for several years she does not need to be taught hard work. She will be having a decisive role in all client communications and succeed at fulfilling all your needs. Her experience in the technical field and great writing and communication skills makes her a perfect fit for the team. As you could have noticed in our about us section, she is the colourful unicorn in our team.

Lily Balogh, project manager

The area

Park spoor noord webdesign
picture of our historic building

Our neighbors

Our neighbours are none less than Fashion Club 70 (FC70). This is where the biggest designers sell their collection to the fashion retailers. This is obviously a great plus since it puts us at the source to stay hip and fresh.

Having a great lunchroom with trendy people is not that bad either. We spend our lunches at FC70 in a great atmosphere.

The area is great, with a green garden and a great view of the city. The space is open and gives inspiration to create refreshing new products. Want to have a look? Feel free to come down and talk about your project!

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