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Content management

Client: Federation International de Automobiles
Task: Manage and curate content on the new international FIA website

The FIA, or the Federation International de Automobiles is the organization overseeing most auto sport competition. Founded in 1904, the FIA’s initial aim was to bring coherent governance and safety to motor sport. Through the expertise gained in that arena, the FIA has since grown into a global organisation that aims to safeguard the rights and promote the interests of motorists and motor sport all across the world.

Since the development of the new website we are in charge of the new content posts on the website and making sure the website is up to date. Given this is a major website with an alexa-ranking of 96,478 this is a big responsibiliy as the site reports on the motorsports biggest events.

One of the great things about this webshop is that it gives you the chance to sell anything at any price, once the design is set up. This gives you an immense flexibility and allows you to fill your webshop with whatever product you want.

Check out FIA's presentation in this video!

If you are interested in F1, Formula E or WRC Rally, check out the new FIA website.