High definition architectural 3D renders

3D Modeling - Eksterlaarpark

Client: Globe Projects
Task: Create stills and an animation for the prestigious Project Eksterlaarpark in Antwerp, Belgium. The challenge was to see how the computers handled the massive scale of rendering an entire neighbourhood. And in the end, they passed with flying colours. The more realistic we make the models' rendering, the more performance we need from rendering computers.

This is one of the biggest projects we tackled so far. The 40 apartments in the 4 project sections are a massive modeling job and the end result is just fascinating! The 3D modeling went through the different project sections as we started out with the front and ended with the back. All of the modeling was done with 3ds Max. 3ds Max, in combination with Vray render, is an awesome program with which you can achieve near photorealistic 3D Digital image quality.

Project phases

The first part of a project like this involves studying the architectural plans and determining where the crucial sections of the project are. After some final adaptions in the latter stages of the project this ended up to be a succesful design.

the different outdoor building that we modeled in 3DSmax The initial visualisation for Block D

After a couple of weeks of hard work we ended up completing the scene and rendering out a first look, there was some heavy rendering of global illumination and reflections involved. In the end we were very happy with the result.

The first rough render of the 3D virtual reality animation

with most of the general work done, it was now time to get more precise, there were several specific funiture styles we needed to create and put into the scene, taking into account the guidelines the client gave us.

further detailed modeling of the buildings in the real estate project further detailed modeling on the buildings

The Final renders and production phase was initiated after all the feedback had been processed. As you can see there were some significant changes to the end result: more prolific piping, different lights and added carpets.

The final phase also included the post processing with photoshop. The added characters and the outside environment were included using the popular Adobe software.

the final render of the exterior architectural visualisation


Check out the result in the images below!

the final render of the D Block view of 3D visualisation Eksterlaar park renders
the final render of the wall of fame section of the interior visualisation bond park
the final render of the second lobby view of the interior visualisation bond park

For more information on our 3D visualisation and virtual reality division check out 3D project one through the link below.

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