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Virtual reality

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Task: A test project we are offering. Making a virtual reality video of your real estate project or event.

The great thing about virtual reality is that it is like time travel. The possibility to be somewhere in the past with things going on around you and the freedom to look around is an unprecedented experience.

Marketing is fast becoming a test bed for the advances that can be made through VR technology. GE’s Linda Boff urges her fellow marketers to dive in. “You have to start experimenting,” she says. “Marketing may be a proving ground, but if we can take this tech and make it a business application, that’s huge.”


Making a virtual reality experience requires a couple of days of shooting 360° film with professional equipment, editing this into a great engaging video sequence and using a virtual reality viewer like Occulus Rift or the inexpensive Google Cardboard to show the result to the customer. On the side, when shared on social media like facebook and youtube it is also autoplayable and viewable on a regular smartphone.


The team will usually consist of a videographer, an editor, and a SMA-specialist or online marketer.


The end-product will be an ever-engaging video that user will want to watch again and again. Increasing your brand or product exposure multiple times over regular video and photo ads.